Molyet's Farm Market - Freshest Produce Specials
Valid December 2014
Molyet's Farm Market - Weekly Garden Specials
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Walnut Creek Virginia Ham
$4.49 lb. Limit 3 lbs
Holiday wreaths, pine roping,
fresh fraser fir Christmas trees,  
grave blankets and crosses.

Cypress mulch. mulch comes
from Amish Country.
 $4.99/ 2 cubic ft. bag.
homegrown strawberries... delicious watermelon...cantaloupe...blueberries...Tennessee tomatoes
....fresh peaches plums and apricots.
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Thanksgiving Turkey
Pearl Valley Colby Cheese
$3.69 lb. Limit 3 lbs
Eckrich Roast Beef
$6.59 lb.
Eckrich Hard Salami
$4.79 lb.
Pepperjack Cheese
$4.69 lb.
Smoked Cheddar Cheese
$4.49 lb.
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Baby Lacy Swiss Cheese
$4.69 lb.