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Molyet's History

From the Beginning

Our Story

The Origins of Molyet's

In 1958, Paul and Eula Mae Molyet were inspired by an idea that not only would provide for their family, but also for their community. In this moment, they had found their American Dream. From the very beginning, they knew from the start that the morals, values and beliefs which they were raised on would be the building blocks that would soon become their success story and inspiration to others.

Following that vision, the first Molyet location was opened on Ohio US Route 53. Their aspirations, hard work and commitment were woven into the foundation of their business model, building an establishment dedicated to providing the uttermost quality of produce and products. Today, Molyet's is able to proudly say that three generations later, the family stills manages and maintains their business while continuing to develop authentic relationships with other Ohio businesses and the American people.


Our Market

Proud to be Local and Family Owned

Today, Molyet's Farm Market continues to provide a wide variety of extravagant product options and exceptional customer service to the very same community in which it was founded. Edward Molyet as well as Ed's daughter Melissa have since taken on the family business and continue living by the Molyet legacy. The market flourishes in great product quality, affordability, and a welcoming experience every day. To all who come across Molyet's Farm Market, feel free to stop by anytime and get to know the Molyet family and business. Shopping with us is more than an experience, it is a taste of America's finest.


Accepted Payment Methods

Always trying to help community members

Molyet's has worked very hard to keep up with the world of modern technology which continues to advance every day. Thanks to the help of our business partners we have connected with, we currently accept:

  • USD Currency

  • Mastercard Credit/Debit

  • Visa Credit/Debit

  • Ohio EBT

  • Molyet Farm Market Gift Certificates

Our upgrades also include new card machines capable of the developing 'Tap' feature that can be found on many new credit and debit cards. Hover over the logo (shown below), hold and your good to go.


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