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At Molyet’s we are known for our wide selection of quality deli products and incredible
prices! Whether it’s cold cuts, cheeses, or salads for your summer get-
together, we stock the finest products from local Ohio businesses and small companies.


Our featured brands include Butterball, Eckrich Meats, Guggisberg Cheeses, Healthy One's Meats, Tank's Meats, Troyer Cheese, Walnut Creek Foods, Pearl Valley Cheese, Hoffman Cheese, and Nation's Best.


Popular Deli Items

Molyet's Deli offers a wide variety of products available year-round. Whether it is cold-cut meat, cheeses, or a salad, there is surely something to give your week some flavor. Listed below are a few of our most popular items.

Big Wheel Colby

The Pearl Valley big wheel Colby is one of our most popular choices.


At only $4.49 per pound, it reigns king for boasting excellent flavor, yet remaining at a great price!

Virginia Brand Ham

The Eckrich Virginia Brand Ham is an oven-baked classic that gives a great taste.

For only $5.49 per pound, this ham will surely satisfy you. Whether on a meat tray, a sandwich, or straight out of the bag, this ham is fantastic!


Across from our Deli counter are our personally assembled mini-containers offering a variety of meat, cheese, or cheese with Troyer Meat Sticks.

These containers are a wonderful solution if you're looking to try out new products, on lunch, or shopping and craving a delicious snack!

Sandwich Spread

Our hand-made sandwich spread is a household favorite. Praised by many as one of the best recipes around, this delicious choice will make for a great addition to your meal.


Stocked on the top right shelf of our cooler, this product is sold in half and one-pound containers (see deli for 2lb containers variants).

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Sandwich Spread
Sandwich Spread
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Deli Menu & Offerings

Below is an alphabetized list of our Deli Menu and specialty offerings available. Here you'll be able to find brand name, product name, and relevant pricing.


Eckrich Black Forest Ham: $5.79/lb

Eckrich Cherrywood Smoked Sweet Ham: $5.99/lb

Eckrich Hawaiian Ham: $5.49/lb

Eckrich Spicy Pineapple Ham: $5.99/lb

Eckrich Virginia Brand Ham: $5.49/lb

Healthy One's Honey Ham: $???

Isleys Chopped Ham: $3.99/lb

Sahlein Smokehouse Ham: $4.99/lb


Superior Tavern Ham: $4.29/lb

Troyer Honey Ham: $5.49/lb

Troyer Virginia Smoked Ham: $5.49/lb

Walnut Creek Brown Sugar Ham: $5.79/lb

Walnut Creek Maple Ham: $5.49/lb


Butterball Cajun: $6.99/lb

Butterball Cracked Pepper: $6.99/lb

Butterball Deep Fried: $6.99/lb

Butterball Lemon Pepper: $6.49/lb


Butterball Mesquite Smoked: $6.49/lb

Butterball Turkey Pastrami: $5.99/lb

Dietz & Watson Bacon Lovers: $8.99/lb

Dietz & Watson Santa Fe: $8.99/lb

Eckrich Oven Roasted Turkey: $6.49/lb


Healthy One's Honey Smoked: $6.49/lb

Healthy Ones Oven Roasted: $6.49/lb

Troyer Tavern Smoked Turkey: $5.99/lb

Walnut Creek Honey Roasted Smoked: $5.49/lb

Walnut Creek Pan Roasted: $6.29/lb


Guggisberg Baby Swiss: $5.99/lb

Guggisberg Farmers Cheese: $5.49/lb

Hoffman Hot Pepper: $4.99/lb

Hoffman Super Hot Pepper: $4.99/lb

Troyer Big Eye Swiss: $5.49/lb
Troyer Colby Swiss Swirl: $6.49/lb

Troyer Ghost Pepper: $6.29/lb

Troyer Pepperoni Marble: $7.99/lb


Pearl Valley Gouda: 4.99/lb

Pearl Valley Lacey Baby Swiss: $4.99/lb

Pearl Valley Large Wheel Colby: $4.49/lb


Walnut Creek Chipotle Jack: 4.99/lb

Walnut Creek Jumping Jack: $4.99/lb

Walnut Creek Large Wheel Marble: $4.49/lb

Walnut Creek Pepper Jack: $4.99/lb

Walnut Creek Salsa Jack: $4.49/lb

Walnut Creek White Sharp Cheddar: $5.49/lb

Cheese cont.

Bunker Hill Vegetable Yogurt: $5.79/lb


Castello Dill Havarti: $8.99/lb

Cooper Black Pepper: $5.99/lb

Heidi Ann Lacey Swiss: $5.59/lb

Land o' Lakes Italian Blend: $5.99/lb

Pearl Valley Horseradish: $4.99/lb

Troyer Bruschetta Jack: $5.49/lb
Troyer Green Onion: $4.99/lb

Troyer Havarti: $4.99/lb

Troyer Jalapeno Muenster: $

Troyer Muenster: $5.99/lb

Troyer Pepperoni: $4.99/lb

Troyer Pepperoni Marble: $7.99/lb

Troyer Provolone: $4.99/lb

Troyer Swiss on Rye: $5.29/lb

Troyer White American: $3.99/lb

Troyer Yellow American: $4.49/lb

Walnut Creek Mild Cheddar: $5.49/lb

Walnut Creek Mozzarella: $4.99/lb

Walnut Creek Vintage Habanero Cheddar: $6.29

Walnut Creek White Sharp Cheddar: $5.49/lb

Smoked Cheese

ilchester Applewood Cheddar: $12.99/lb


Troyer Bacon Cheddar: $6.99/lb

Troyer Cheddar: $6.49/lb

Troyer Green Onion: $6.99/lb

Troyer Horseradish: $6.99/lb

Troyer Hot Pepper: $

Troyer Mozzarella: $6.49/lb

Troyer Provolone: $4.99/lb

Troyer Swiss: $5.99/lb


Walnut Creek Baby Swiss: $5.49/lb

Walnut Creek Habanero: $4.99/lb


Eckrich Regular Bologna: $4.29/lb

Eckrich Beef Bologna: $5.99

Seltzer's Beef Lebanon Bologna: $8.99/lb
Seltzer's Sweet Lebanon Bologna: $8.99/lb

Tank's Elmore Special "Sausage Roll": $6.49/lb

Tanks Garlic Bologna: $6.99/lb

Troyer Trail Bologna: $6.49/lb


Eckrich Genoa Salami: $5.99/lb

Eckrich Hard Salami: $5.99/lb
Eckrich Pepperoni: $6.49/lb

Eckrich Summer Sausage: $6.99/lb


Stadium All-Beef Hotdogs: $4.99/lb (4 per pound)

Tanks Casing Hotdogs: $5.89/lb (8 per pound)

Troyer Smoked Pork Loin: $4.99/lb


Eckrich Jalapeño Loaf: $5.49/lb

Eckrich Pickle & Pepper Loaf: $5.49/lb

Eckrich Old Fashioned "Dutch" Loaf: $ 5.49/lb

Eckrich Olive Loaf: $5.49/lb



Butterball Buffalo: $6.99/lb

Butterball Oven Roasted: $6.99/lb


Eckrich Nashville Hot Style: $5.49/lb

Troyer Rotisserie: $6.99/lb

Salads & Specialties

Granny Smith Bacon Ranch Salad

Granny Smith Baked Beans

Granny Smith 4 Bean Salad

Granny Smith Cole Slaw

Granny Smith Cucumber Salad

Granny Smith Macaroni Salad

Granny Smith Special Recipe Potato Salad

Granny Smith Sweet Pea Medley Salad


Lipari Pickled Eggs (2)

Lipari Sweet? Dill Pickles

Lipari Sweet Candied Pickle Mix


Molyet's Store Made Sandwich Spread


Troyer BBQ Shredded Beef

Troyer BBQ Shredded Pork


Yoders Premier Potato Salad

Lobster Roll Salad

Seafood Supreme Salad

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad with Cranberries & Almonds Salad

Resers Amish Macaroni Salad

Resers Deviled Egg Potato Salad

Resers Homestyle Amish Mustad Potato Salad

Egg Salad

Meat & Cheese Trays

Cheese Trays:

15-20 people: ~2.5-3lbs

25-30 people: ~4/4.5lbs

35-40 people: ~5.5-6lbs

50 people: ~7.5lbs

Meat Trays:

6 people per pound

10 People: 2lbs

15-20 people: 3.5-4lbs

25-30 people: 5.5-6lbs

35-40 people: 7.5-8lbs

50 people: 10lbs

Call for pricing and reserving trays today!


Nation's Best Beef Pastrami: $8.49/lb

Nation's Best Corned Beef: $8.49/lb

Nation's Best Roast Beef: $8.49/lb

Disclaimer: Products listed are subject to change due to availability. The prices listed do not reflect on-sale pricing and are subject to change in store due to fluctuating markets.

The information provided are general facts and suggestions courtesy of Molyet Farm Market. Your experience may vary. Please call for all other inquiries.